Corwyn + Gracey: Defying the ‘Storms’

Gracey has always been a dear friend. We’re classmates back in high school and we belonged to the same barkada so working for her wedding is not work at all. It’s like planning the wedding of a sister so the excitement was doubled!

I only got to meet Corwyn once before all the wedding preps. Knowing how ‘kilig’ Gracey could get at times, I knew right there and then that Corwyn would be the one.

So when Gracey called me up to ask me to be her wedding coordinator, I immediately said yes and the kilig-ness was again, overflowing. Laughs.

Requirements to Secure for a Catholic Church Wedding in the Philippines

Before you book your wedding suppliers and decided on what cut you would go for your bridal dress, make sure you have settled first your application for marriage.

What are the documents you should provide the church with? Particularly if you’re planning to get married at the San Sebastian Cathedral in Lipa City, Batangas, here are the Catholic wedding requirements you should secure first before anything else.

1. Baptismal certificate – for marriage purpose (dated) valid for 6 months coming from the parish where the bride/groom was baptized
2. Confirmation certificate – for marriage purpose (dated) valid for 6 months coming from the parish where the bride/groom was confirmed [Read more…]

Camille Andrea’s 18th Birthday

Laiya, we meet again! Well not for a wedding but this time for a formal debut party. Inspired by the film Phantom of the Opera, everyone marveled at the black, red and white set up by the staff of Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Hotel. It’s as if thespians would come out and perform any moment.

It was only me who hosted the event. Thanks to Ate Michelle and Ate Jaime who assisted and reminded me of the program changes and adjustments. Yes, there were few program changes but we all manage to perform our tasks accordingly.

About the debutant, Camille is such a wonderful young woman. I’d like to honor her parents for raising and molding a very humble, generous and kind-hearted lady like Camille. In her speech she said, “My ultimate goal in life is to be a great doctor that would not work for prestige and recognition but work to help others with genuine intentions.” Camille is a BS Biology student of University of the Philippines.


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Glen and Ava’s Wedding

It’s always a pleasure for me to host weddings of dear friends like this one. I think it’s easier for me beacause there are a lot of stories I can share about the couple. So certainly, there’s no room for dead air.

The wedding rites was held at Padre Pio Shrine in San Pedro Santo Tomas. Oh, i remember how funny the priest was during the exchange of vows. Fr. Gonda would always say “ehem” whenever the groom speaks. ¬†As if he was doubting Glen’s promises. Haha. (Well, we all know it was just for fun, nothing else.)

At the reception, yours truly was joined by Moutain Rock Resort’s official host, Mark (Oh i can’t remember his last name.) He’s also good. We jived and we had fun hosting this another wonderful event.

glen and ava

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12-12-12: It’s Anna and Francis’ Wedding

They really tried their best to make their wedding fall on this once in our lifetime date. Anna and Francis were among the couples who tied the knot on December 12, 2012.

Anna, my dearest cousin, wanted to have a simple yet beautiful wedding. And she got it. – D

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Anna - Francis 1