Outfit Ideas to Survive the Long Weekend in Style

It’s the second long weekend we have for August 2012 and that means we can pull ourselves away from toxic workloads and plain old office uniform (if in case you have one).

Admit it, if you came to reading this post, that means you’re the type who goes online for style inspiration and we are please to tell you that you’re on the right spot.

As much as you want to just bury yourself under the sheets all day, there can be numerous reasons why you should not be a slave of your oversized shirt and PJs the entire weekend. An important family gathering may be on schedule or your BFFs might call you for a girls night out or your guy might surprise you for a weekend date!

And surely, you don’t want to mess around your obese closet yet still think that you don’t have anything to wear. Believe me, I get you. Here are some outfit ideas to help you plan for your long weekend wardrobe – whatever mood you’re in.

long weekend outfit (1)
If you and your friends are planning to spend Saturday by the beach or your favorite outdoor destination, then this first long weekend outfit will save the day. The tiered top is so flexible, you can tuck it in a long skirt to make it dressier or pair it with playful shorts for that casual glam look like this one.

long weekend outfit (2)
Neutrals and candy-colored hues blend well together. This second outfit suits your trip to a theme park or for chilling out with your friends at your favorite resto or coffee shop on Monday to cap the long weekend in style.

long weekend outfit (3)
Attending a party on Saturday or Sunday evening? This sheer tangerine mullet skirt will make your outfit dressy but totally not boring. Dare to wear a popping color without losing a point on the sophistication scale.

long weekend outfit (4)
Sunday can be a lazy day but if you’re going out with your favorite people or your man, opt for this easy breezy outfit without looking uninteresting. Plus, this outfit can ease you from day to night! Wear this outfit with a comfy flat sandals in the morning then slip into a dressy wedge if you have to rush to an evening event.

long weekend outfit (5)
Even if you swear to all the stars in the sky that you won’t party this Saturday night, you can’t be sure darling. Why not try to don a palazzo pants for a night out instead of the usual mini dress or tight jeans? This printed top has a sheer back so you can play around with your unabashed fashion statement.

Hope these outfit inspirations helped you out to survive the long weekend with style. By the way, all these clothing pieces are available at @BB Online Store. A little online shopping over the weekend won’t hurt the stylish girl in you. Winks.

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