Tom Hanks Slips up Live on Regis and Kelly Show!

tom hanks slips on regis and kelly show Tom Hanks’ appearance on the Regis and Kelly show last Thursday had caused buzzes over plenty of people. That’s because it’s not often Tom Hanks slips up on live TV, and when he does it’s usually part of a joke he’s setting up.

During his Regis and Kelly interview, Tom Hanks discussed his upcoming HBO war series “The Pacific” which is also from Steven Spielberg and Gary Goetzman. The new HBO show covers the Pacific Theater of World War II in a ten part miniseries starting March 14th. Hanks also discussed mentioned his first ever Time Magazine cover which seemed to excite the actor.

So what exactly is the mistake made? Tom Hanks mistakingly called Kelly Ripa “Kathie Lee” in reference to Kathie Lee Gifford the former co-host of the show. Kelly Ripa corrected Hanks that she’s been a host for nine years now. Regis Philbin said “Everybody used to love Tom Hanks”. Hanks of course apologized to Kelly for the mistake.

Later on after the Tom Hanks slip up on live TV, Ripa got another jab in, but all in good humor. It was brought up that Hanks was a presenter at this year’s Oscars show. Normally it is the previous year’s actor winners who present the awards in the acting categories, so Kelly chimed in “Oh I guess, well you didn’t win last year”. Hanks asked if his nose was bleeding from the serious “pop” he just took in the face, but again there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood between “Kelly Ripa” and Tom Hanks. No comment has been made by Kathie Lee at this time about Tom Hanks on Regis and Kelly either.

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