On Face Shapes and Bangs

Bangs seemed to be so in. But did you know that face shape should be analyzed before deciding to have bangs? I mean in choosing the right cut for your bangs. Just like curtains on windows, bangs should flatter our pretty face.

Here are the rules of thumb when selecting the right bangs.

bangs-collage.Oval Face – the oval faced folks can wear any type of style or hair. This includes bangs which can be worn in just about any style. Of course hair type, texture, length and condition should be considered.

Round Face – feathered bangs look good to people with round face shape (if your hair texture, type and condition support feathering) which gently hug the cheeks areas to minimize round cheeks. When done perfectly, bangs can add beautiful contour to round fact shaped features.

Long Face – the goal of bangs here is to make long face appear like oval. So for this one, blunt brow hugging bangs that softly drape over the forehead will help to give the impression of a more oval-shaped face.

Square face – for folks with square face or those with prominent jaws, consider side-swept bangs that gently curve or taper inwards towards the jaw to soften pronounced square facial lines. Side swept bangs can also help soften all the angles of the face when cut accordingly.

Heart face – A side swept feathered or texturized bang style is a great option. Also, it usually carry off full bangs cut straight across the face. Long or short, full bangs can look really great for a heart shape faced people

Triangular face – wide feathered bangs, wispy or texturized can help to balance the face.

Summer 2011 Fashion trends

Based on catwalk shows, here are the trends for 2011 Summer Fashion. So read on and get to know what you should pull out of your wardrobe this summer.

White and Nude -Pure and fresh, white and nude are the perfect colors for summer. From smart tailoring to white dresses with feminine embellishment or pretty white lace there are a lot of very fab and posh white summer clothings to choose from. Go for white or nude minimalist pieces or pieces with intricate details.

maxi-dress-sex-and-the-city-imdbMaxis – Long skirt ranging from mid calf to ankle skimming styles are in this summer. Shop for the maxi dresses and skirts that have been popular for many seasons now. If you are cute and short try the slightly more wearable 3/4 lengths.

70’s – a decade of long flowing skirts and decadent glamour is definitely the trend this 2011 summer. Long or Maxi dresses will be a key part of this trend as will colourful floral dresses, jumpsuits and flared trousers. So i bet it’s a nice idea to check on your old mom’s clothes and find which among those are still wearable or at least alterable.lol!

Oriental Look – kimono jackets, eastern prints and wide obi belts are fashionable this 2011 summer. Bold combinations of red, black and white will also give a distinct oriental touch to many summer formal wardrobes.

How to cut your own bangs

A lot of girls go crazy about having bangs. And a number of them cut and style their own bangs. Some seems flattering, others are, ah, never mind.

Cutting your own bangs is one of the biggest “don’ts” in personal care, but this disaster can be avoided. Here is the professional way to trim bangs for girls out there – it will help you save money, and will make you look a whole lot better.

Now, are you ready?

New Profile Layout Gives Facebook Another Facelift

Have you changed your Facebook profile to its newest layout? Oh well, I did. Just because I saw some of my friends already using it. See how influential this social hub is?

As there are Facebook users who love the new profile layout, there are also some Facebookers who are now disgusted by it. So they went to search for ways on how to get the old Facebook layout. Unfortunately, there’s no way of getting back the old layout. Darn it.

This is how the new Faceboook profile looks like: (Photo Credit – Eric Shafer in creativefan.com)

New Facebook Profile Layout December 2010

With the new layout, your profile viewers could easily view your personal information (which i don’t think everyone would nod to). I like the new Friends tab. It’s, well, cute. Navigating your friends is easier now than the old one. Looks like they save up some space there.

The tagged photos up there, for me, should be on some other spots in the interface, not there right below the basic information. And also, the ads on the right has bigger space than your own tabs on the left.

If you’re not sure yet whether you’ll upgrade to the new Facebook layout, try browsing your friends who already changed their profile layout first or you might regret having the profile facelift.

I don’t think the management is coming up with a tool on how to go back to your old Facebook profile layout. I’m sure they are fully aware of the slams this new look is getting.

How to change to the new Facebook? You browse on your News Feeds, I’m sure you’ve got friends who have the new profile layout, click the link and then click the Take a Tour button, you’ll be guided with the steps on how to get the new layout.

So, is the new Facebook layout for December 2010 a cool move or not?

Christmas Party Wardrobe Ideas: Get the Look!

You might be rummaging over sale items on your favorite clothing boutique just to put together the perfect wardrobe for Christmas. But if in case you get all tangled up with too many pieces to try on, let me give you a helping hand.

Try any of these looks and have the most appropriate Christmas wardrobe to match your personality.


LOOK 1 -  Dainty and Casual


LOOK 2 - Urban Chic Holiday


Look 3 - Holiday Elegance