Christmas Themed Wedding!

christmas wedding

Do you want to get married this December? Plan a warm and inviting wedding ceremony and reception with Christmas as your wedding theme. Send invitations and design these with fancy poinsettia, candy canes, gifts and other Christmas symbols that you invitation christmas

For the reception area, make green and red as dominant colors. You may opt to put garlands and Christmas trees decorated with seasonal flowers and other silver and gold embellishments.

weddingdressgown_22713While wedding dresses for brides are traditionally white; off white, egg cream, ivory and egg shell colors are always beautiful because of Christmas season. Same for wedding party members like your bridesmaids who may wear white gowns or dresses accented with obvious Christmas colors of red and green or gold and silver.

Wedding favors on the other hand, may include holiday ornament. Candles, garlands, romantic Christmas songs on CDs. You may also try giving candy canes and other edible stuff like fruit cakes inside a Christmas gift-like box. Of course don’t forget your thank you notes!

With this another great wedding idea, we’re pretty sure that you’ll experience a romantic and at the same time a “merry” wedding.

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On choosing wedding invitations

wedding-invitation-ideasOne of the most important parts of the wedding preparation is choosing wedding invitations. Of course, this will serve as your official wedding announcement and at the same time, wedding memorabilia! Thus, choosing the right wedding invitation is definitely necessary.

Firstly, your wedding invitation should be based on the theme. The colors of the invitation should be well matched to the theme of your choice. The guest can easily have an idea of the theme of your wedding by merely looking at the invitations. Also, these well-thought invitations will also give your guests an idea of the gifts to buy and the clothes to wear on your big day.

There are so many invitations that you can now choose from, there are invitations like message in a bottle, photograph, DVD, scroll, fan and a whole lot more. You may also check on invitations that we will be personally designing here at soon. (I am really excited about this!)

Meanwhile, sending out your wedding invitations should be done not earlier than a month before the wedding and not later than two weeks before the wedding. Sending invitations too early could make people forget your wedding day (remember the law of recency!) and sending them out too late could cause conflicts with your guests’ schedules.

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What the Bride Must Remember on Her Wedding Day

It’s your wedding day, gorgeous bride! You’ve had everything done and all you have to do now is to walk down the aisle towards your groom and say the much awaited words ‘I do’.

To assure you of a stress-free wedding day, you must be armed with these simple tips. Forget about everything but your groom just for this day. After all, it’s because of the two of you why this wedding should happen.

1. Have a handy make-up bag if you don’t have a make-up artist.
2. Keep an emergency kit. This should include medicine tablets, tissue, safety pins, clear nail polish (for stocking runs), breath mints, panty liner, extra stockings, and hand sanitizer.
3. Aside from your groom, don’t forget to eat before the ceremony. You can just munch on energy bars if you don’t want a heavy meal. Nobody wants to see a faint bride on the altar.
4. Have mercy on your feet. This day would be a torture for your feet if you would be on your wedding heels for hours. If your gown covers your feet and nobody could see them, wear a more comfortable shoes or even a pair of platform slippers so you could still stand an in or two higher.
5. Talk to your wedding organizer about your up-to-the-minute requests.
6. Smile and feel the magic that surrounds you on this day.

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Guidelines on what to do a week before the wedding day

You’re probably smashed with tons of things to attend to now that it’s only a week before your wedding day. But hey! You shouldn’t be losing that glamour and excitement for you and your husband-to-be’s grandest day. So before your wedding jitters attack, take note of these guidelines I’m sure could help you a lot.

1. This is the time when you can say that the best person in the world is your wedding organizer. Yes, a week before your wedding is probably the most nerve-wracking week ever and this is where you need your wedding organizer the most to do the communication between you and your vendors.

2. Let your wedding organizer do the follow-ups for the caterer, the hotel reservations, as well as attending to the questions and needs of your guests.

3. Start packing your luggage for your honeymoon. Make sure your reservation is all set. Have a list of the activities to do in your honeymoon.

4. Prepare the gifts for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ushers.

5. Start writing thank-you notes for the sender of the gifts you have already received. Check all the wedding favors as well.

6. Relax. Go to the spa with your bridesmaids and have for yourself their relaxing treatments to do away the stress that your wedding preparations have given you.

7. Spend some quality time with your groom. Take a walk, have a meaningful conversation over cups of coffee, or watch your favourite movie together. This is your time to reminisce how you’ve come to your journey to forever.

8. Breathe. It’s that simple.

If you are looking for wedding organizers in Batangas, contact us and check out our services.

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Things to Do Two Weeks Before the Wedding

It’s two weeks before your wedding day and about 80% of the wedding preparation should have been done by this time. Before your nerves get you into trouble, keep this checklist with you so you could have a rundown of what else you have to do two weeks before your grandest day.

1. Finalize guest list. Contact guests who haven’t made their confirmation yet.
2. Inform the caterers of the final number of guests.
3. Prepare the seating chart and everything else needed for the reception.
4. Don’t forget the place cards. If you have time, you can write it yourself.
5. Pick up your wedding dress.
6. Fit your shoes and walk it around for 10-15 minutes and see if they comfortably fit. You can’t afford to hurt your feet on the big day itself.
7. Call on the wedding party and tell them to fit their dresses.
8. If a transport is provided for the guests, let them know the pick-up and drop-off points and the time as well.
9. Have your bridal photo taken.
10. Have a full wedding rehearsal.

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