Juris Album Tour, SM City Batangas

Juris is one of the country’s female artists who got the best-selling voice. She’s more popularly known as the other half of the acoustic duo who mesmerized us with their feel-good music and hit song covers.

Juris went to SM City Batangas last Sunday Aug. 15, 2010 (Ed’s note: date of publish was changed into an earlier one) to promote her latest album, her first since she went solo. I was the one who hosted her mall show. I’m a fan of Juris and I was just as excited as everybody else. It’s always an advantage when you know enough about the artist you’re hosting the show for. With Juris’ mall show, it wasn’t a burden to do some spiels to make the crowd wait patiently for Juris.

As the event host, you have to be flexible as there could be last minute changes on the flow of the program. Good thing that people really stayed to see Juris perform live. After all, it was worth the wait. She has that charming voice that probably pursued quite a number of people to actually buy a copy of her album right there on the venue.

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