Requirements to Secure for a Catholic Church Wedding in the Philippines

Before you book your wedding suppliers and decided on what cut you would go for your bridal dress, make sure you have settled first your application for marriage.

What are the documents you should provide the church with? Particularly if you’re planning to get married at the San Sebastian Cathedral in Lipa City, Batangas, here are the Catholic wedding requirements you should secure first before anything else.

1. Baptismal certificate – for marriage purpose (dated) valid for 6 months coming from the parish where the bride/groom was baptized
2. Confirmation certificate – for marriage purpose (dated) valid for 6 months coming from the parish where the bride/groom was confirmed
Requirements for Catholic Church Wedding in the Philippines3. Birth certificate and CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) from NSO valid for 4 months (a requirement for filing marriage license)
4. Marriage license coming from city hall (120 days validity)
5. Civil contract with registry if civilly married
6. Certificate of Freedom to Marry from the parish where the bride/groom resides in foreign country
7. Clearance from chancery office (works/lives in abroad 1 year above)
8. If widowed: death certificate of the deceased husband/wife from the city hall and parish
9. Picture of the couple 4R size (2 copies)
10. Interview form (to be filled up by the bride and groom)
11. Requisition note signed by the chapel coordinator *Pre-cana seminar 6:30am-5:00pm at the St. Therese Hall every Sunday except the 3rd Sunday of the month (for San Sebastian Cathedral)

Provide original copy for reference and multiple photocopies of your documents to be safe and sure. For couples who are working and currently residing outside the Philippines, some church would require you to be in the country at least a month before the wedding to perform all the seminars and interview needed. But if you are already attending such seminars with the parish church in the country you are in right now, there are churches here which consider certifications to prove that you have attended pre-wedding seminars abroad.

If you think arranging a wedding is easy breezy, think again. Of course, you have to exercise your organization skills and your flair for getting things done efficiently without raising eyebrows.

Once you’ve accomplished all these documents required, it’s now time to move on to the next task. Check out some of our tips for organizing a wedding. Hope they could help!



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