SM Eco Bag Launching

August 6, 2010, SM Supermalls including of course the two SM malls here in Batangas launched their new Eco Bags – SPARK, FLOW, RENEW and BREATHE. These eco bags are not only intended to replace plastic shopping bags but to help environmental protection and rehabilitation programs in the country.

I feel lucky to host this another CSR event of SM supermalls (particularly SM Cares). It feels so good that I have contributed (even in small ways) in SM’s drive to help save the environment. KUDOS to SM Supermalls and Thanks a bunch for choosing me to host the event.

Search for Mr. and Ms. Batangas State University 2009

Batangas State University pageantOne of the highlights of Batangas State University 106th Foundation Anniversarry Celebration was the Search for Mr. and Ms. BSU 2009. All the representatives from BSU extension campuses and departments in the main campus vied for the said title.

Among the faculty members in the university, I was was given the task to host the said event. I really enjoyed presenting those gorgeous ladies and gentlemen together with my co-host, the ever dynamic Engr. Benii Noriega.

I’ve been hosting pageants for like years now, even when I was in college. And I guess so far, this is one of the most challenging. I have to maintain my energy and poise for six hours. Imagine the 24 candidates in several competitions like Uniform, Casual, Swimwear, Formal wear, plus interviews and preparation. All these took us long hours of standing, smiling and adlibs.

Though pageants are a bit tiring, the feeling after hosting such event is certainly rewarding.

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Internet Marketing for SMEs and Micro Businesses

Event Hosts BatangasInternet Marketing for SMEs and Micro Businesses is a seminar organized and hosted by us, Gerlie and Dyan. This seminar is the first event of Likha Internet, an internet solutions provider based here in Batangas. The said event was held at Teachers’ Conference Center, Batangas City, Sept. 11.

For the participants, we invited and coordinated with the different schools and universities in the province that offer business and marketing programs. Two hundred fifty (250) participants attended the seminar, as expected.

The country’s top bloggers and internet marketers, Jr Cantos, Marhgil Macuha and Abe Olandres, the father of Philippine blogging, served as the resource speakers. They gave superlative discussions on Basics of Internet marketing, Search Engine optimization and social networking respectively.

Since we have several sponsors like Hersheys, Smart, Guitartutee and WOWBatangas, we were able to give away prizes and giftpacks among the participants.

Despite the hassles and stressful loads of organizing major events like this, your girly emcees and organizers were able to manage the entirety of the event succesfully.

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