Make Your Home Extra Festive this Christmas

christmas-living-room1 We usually have one Christmas decor in our house and this is the Christmas tree. These legendary Christmas Trees with gifts under it are usually found inside the family room – the largest room in the house. Now, why not extend the celebration of joy throughout the home by decorating other rooms with cool Christmas ornaments and decors?

Let us start with the doors. You may place glittery Christmas garlands on your front door and something like cute li’l angels on doors of other rooms. These decors will immediately greet those who will knock on it, “Merry Christmas”, setting the mood for the season.

Putting Christmas trees on your kitchen on the other hand, is certainly not advisable. Instead, very small trees placed on kitchen counter tops, frige, or cabinets will instantly dress up the kitchen, especially when placed in groups of three using different sizes. You can also use one or more of these collectible tabletop Christmas trees. They don’t require any extra decorating anyway. Just place them anywhere and they instantly light up a room, readying it for Christmas.

The dining room is the perfect place to add Christmas decors. Make your dining room special and let it sparkle with decors that suggest joy and excitement. Christmas garlands placed in the appropriate spots will add enchantment that is unique to this time of the year. This room should look especially beautiful and festive. A Santa Claus and reindeers in the corner, a small tabletop tree placed on top of a hutch, sideboard or small table you have added for this purpose will add decorative excitement to your celebration.

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Christmas Themed Wedding!

christmas wedding

Do you want to get married this December? Plan a warm and inviting wedding ceremony and reception with Christmas as your wedding theme. Send invitations and design these with fancy poinsettia, candy canes, gifts and other Christmas symbols that you invitation christmas

For the reception area, make green and red as dominant colors. You may opt to put garlands and Christmas trees decorated with seasonal flowers and other silver and gold embellishments.

weddingdressgown_22713While wedding dresses for brides are traditionally white; off white, egg cream, ivory and egg shell colors are always beautiful because of Christmas season. Same for wedding party members like your bridesmaids who may wear white gowns or dresses accented with obvious Christmas colors of red and green or gold and silver.

Wedding favors on the other hand, may include holiday ornament. Candles, garlands, romantic Christmas songs on CDs. You may also try giving candy canes and other edible stuff like fruit cakes inside a Christmas gift-like box. Of course don’t forget your thank you notes!

With this another great wedding idea, we’re pretty sure that you’ll experience a romantic and at the same time a “merry” wedding.

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