Camille Andrea’s 18th Birthday

Laiya, we meet again! Well not for a wedding but this time for a formal debut party. Inspired by the film Phantom of the Opera, everyone marveled at the black, red and white set up by the staff of Estrellas De Mendoza Playa Hotel. It’s as if thespians would come out and perform any moment.

It was only me who hosted the event. Thanks to Ate Michelle and Ate Jaime who assisted and reminded me of the program changes and adjustments. Yes, there were few program changes but we all manage to perform our tasks accordingly.

About the debutant, Camille is such a wonderful young woman. I’d like to honor her parents for raising and molding a very humble, generous and kind-hearted lady like Camille. In her speech she said, “My ultimate goal in life is to be a great doctor that would not work for prestige and recognition but work to help others with genuine intentions.” Camille is a BS Biology student of University of the Philippines.


Service: Hosting

Vision Feedmills Corp. 15th Anniversary, Lima Park Hotel

Six pm of June 26, Dyan and I were kinda puzzled about what’s going to happen in the Vision anniversary celebration. We didn’t receive any copy of program and we were only told to host the event an afternoon before the celebration. Oh, quite challenging huh! All we have at hand were some sheets of paper and pens. Good thing we’re early birds.

Of course after arriving at Lima Park Hotel, we seek for the program copy right away. Super thanks to Tita Beth, one of the company’s shareholders, who prepared all as in all the things that we need for an organized program.

Though the program lasted for hours, we didn’t get tired for we both enjoyed hosting the event. By the way, while we’re gleefully hosting the program, we were also manning the live streaming coverage of the celebration on (astig di ba?)

Here’s our pic at Red carpet’s photo booth while we were waiting for the program to start.