SM Eco Bag Launching

August 6, 2010, SM Supermalls including of course the two SM malls here in Batangas launched their new Eco Bags – SPARK, FLOW, RENEW and BREATHE. These eco bags are not only intended to replace plastic shopping bags but to help environmental protection and rehabilitation programs in the country.

I feel lucky to host this another CSR event of SM supermalls (particularly SM Cares). It feels so good that I have contributed (even in small ways) in SM’s drive to help save the environment. KUDOS to SM Supermalls and Thanks a bunch for choosing me to host the event.

How to Level Up Faster in Sorority Life (Facebook Cheats and Gaming Tips)

sororitylife-facebookAdmit it, Facebook applications are so addicting. Sometimes it feels like your day depends on one application you’re so hooked with. One of the social games gaining thousands of gamers now is the Sorority Life. Do you know how to level-up faster on your struggle to be the most glamorous sister?

Level up faster in Sorority Life. One tip in growing your house is by adding more sisters. Visit, sign up, and add people there who are already playing Sorority Life. This way you get a hard time selecting people who are not really into this or any other social game for that matter.

Yes, I’ve learned about doing the costume party again and again and was able to level-up faster in Sorority Life in just a matter of minutes. That’s one gaming tip for this application. Have you played Prime Suspect? It’s a game I’ve got hooked on before and it really tested my skills on finding hidden details out of a big clattered picture.

Sorority Life’s costume party is like the Prime Suspect, only it’s just the same picture over and over so you’d have the chance to actually remember all the items on the picture. After doing the costume party two or three times, you’d reach another level right away, earning you more influences, fab glam, and brownie points.
See, these are just simple yet easy cheats and gaming tricks in Sorority Life.

Gain more influence, confidence, and glam, girl!

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Girlyana at Mutya ng Fernando ’09


After a year of hiatus, Fernando Air Base once again had its Search for Mutya ng Fernando 2009. This search was part of FAB grand fiesta celebration.

Dyan, our ultimate stylista, was one of the judges in the said pageant, while I, all alone hosted the event. It was another great experience for the two us for we get to meet the officers and organizers there at FAB.

I’ve been emmceeing events alone. But this one is kinda tough for me, it’s really difficult to host a pageant all alone. I think it will be so much better and easy, if I am hosting with someone… Someone I could talk to in case we need to do some fillers and adlibs – I guess, if I am hosting with Dyan. dyan 2

Anyway, Thank God I was able to host the event accordingly even without PA and all. I just hope to have a bottle of water with me next time. (laughs)

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