SM Eco Bag Launching

August 6, 2010, SM Supermalls including of course the two SM malls here in Batangas launched their new Eco Bags – SPARK, FLOW, RENEW and BREATHE. These eco bags are not only intended to replace plastic shopping bags but to help environmental protection and rehabilitation programs in the country.

I feel lucky to host this another CSR event of SM supermalls (particularly SM Cares). It feels so good that I have contributed (even in small ways) in SM’s drive to help save the environment. KUDOS to SM Supermalls and Thanks a bunch for choosing me to host the event.

Celebrate the Holiday Season with Fun Christmas Party Themes

Got an idea for your next Christmas party? If you’re tired of the usual party that gives you nothing exciting, why not try these Christmas party themes I’ve collected for you?

Nostalgic Christmas. Reminisce Christmas when you were still a kid. Dress like you’re 8 or 10 and bring an item that symbolizes that memorable Christmas. It can also be your exchange gift item.

White Christmas. It’s not like you have to be wearing all white in this party. You can play on the decorations. Have white curtains, adorn them with sparkling ornament in shades of silver and gold. Just make it have that simple but elegant appeal with all those glittering effects.

Outdoor Christmas Party. Yes, even if it’s cold outside. Tell everyone to wear their best and most fashionable jackets or coats. You can have a feast over grilled foods and comfort soup to match the cold weather.

Christmas Potluck. This is my favourite Christmas party theme because I won’t have a problem the food preparation since everybody get to have his or her own share. Just be kind enough as the party host and make your guests bring home some party favors suck as your own baked cookies, chocolate bars wrapped in festive papers, or even a printed picture as their souvenir.

Formal Christmas. Get everyone to dress elegantly. Make your guests feel like they’re celebrities on a five-star hotel and prepare some really good dishes served in classic china with all the formal treats you could offer. Make them listen to classical rendition of Christmas songs or have a pianist play for everyone over dinner.

Glam Christmas. This is a simpler toned down version of the Formal Christmas. You can just dress as you wish as long as it speaks loud of your fashion sense. Dress like your fashion icon and enjoy the party with a band playing a more edgy version of classic carols.

If you want to celebrate Christmas with a huge crowd and you don’t want to experience too much hassle on the preparation, try to contact event organizers who could help you come up with the best Christmas party ever!

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Woven Stories Behind Still Glimpses: Batanguenos Way of Life Through the Lens, Lipa City Colleges, September 2008

This was the first ever photoessay exhibit and contest in the institution and was the biggest event I headed when I was still in Lipa City Colleges. All seven departments of the college level participated in the event and it was amazing to have the support of the department heads and members of the academic council. Woven Stories Behind Still Glimpses: Batanguenos Way of Life Through the Lens intensified my desire to pursue a career in event organizing and my love for photography.

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Enhancing Public Speaking Potentials: Essential in Effective Teaching

This seminar focused on the importance of public speaking skills especially for would-be teachers. As the head of the event organizers, I invited Hon. Maria Concepcion “COn-Con” Hernandez, Lipa City Councilor, as the resource speaker. The Education students had a good feedback of the seminar because of the substantial information they got from Councilor Hernandez and the interactive activities we provided for them.

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I Shine! Personality Development Seminar, Lipa City Colleges, July 2007

This is the first ever seminar I headed and hosted. It was a challenging task having no idea about event organizing at that time. The speaker was the owner of I Shine! Development Center, Ms. Minnie Atienza. From the resource speaker, to the finances, to the physical arrangement and all of the logistics, planning and pulling off a seminar was really tasky. But eventually, it paid off. And here started my training in organizing a seminar.

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