Happy 81st Birthday Mickey Mouse!

mickey mouse birthdayNovember 18 is Mickey Mouse Birhday. Mickey Mouse was born on November 18, 1928. Today he is turning 81, claiming the title of the oldest known rodent. One must not miss celebrating their favourite cartoon’s birthday at the Walt Disney Family.

Even though Mickey Mouse had appeared six months earlier in the animated short Plane Crazy, November 18, 1928 is widely recognized as Mickey Mouse’s birthday as it was the day that Steamboat Willie-the first Mickey Mouse cartoon with synchronized sound-was released.

Celebrate Mickey Mouse 81st birthday! Come and explore the galleries and discover the Earliest Known Drawings of Mickey Mouse and so much more, including vintage Mickey merchandise, the creation of Mickey’s friends, an interactive station that demonstrates how sound is synchronized to animation, and a special section dedicated to the Mickey Mouse Club. Come celebrate and learn about the birth, history and life of the leader of the club that’s made for everyone.

The Museum is open from 10AM to 6PM, Wednesday through Monday. For more information, visit www.waltdisney.org or call 415-345-6800.

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