Kim Chiu Mall Show, SM City Batangas

Equipped with my DSLR and laptop, I was ready to cover Kim Chiu’s mall show (for a usual WOWBatangas task) one Sunday afternoon. I arrived early then so I decided to watch a movie before the 5pm event coverage. But even before reaching the story’s climax, I received this message from Ms. Lina, the then Marketing Officer: “Hey, Gerlie do you know someone who could host Kim Chiu mall show later at 5pm?” Because it’s already 4pm, i replied: “I know some friends in Lipa who could do the job perfectly but they’ll be late for its already 4. If you’ll find no one who could do the hosting later, well i guess i can do it.”

And so, look at the photo and guess what happened next… Aha, I hosted the event!

kim chiu

Vision Feedmills Corp. 15th Anniversary, Lima Park Hotel

Six pm of June 26, Dyan and I were kinda puzzled about what’s going to happen in the Vision anniversary celebration. We didn’t receive any copy of program and we were only told to host the event an afternoon before the celebration. Oh, quite challenging huh! All we have at hand were some sheets of paper and pens. Good thing we’re early birds.

Of course after arriving at Lima Park Hotel, we seek for the program copy right away. Super thanks to Tita Beth, one of the company’s shareholders, who prepared all as in all the things that we need for an organized program.

Though the program lasted for hours, we didn’t get tired for we both enjoyed hosting the event. By the way, while we’re gleefully hosting the program, we were also manning the live streaming coverage of the celebration on (astig di ba?)

Here’s our pic at Red carpet’s photo booth while we were waiting for the program to start.

Search for Mr. and Ms. Batangas State University 2009

Batangas State University pageantOne of the highlights of Batangas State University 106th Foundation Anniversarry Celebration was the Search for Mr. and Ms. BSU 2009. All the representatives from BSU extension campuses and departments in the main campus vied for the said title.

Among the faculty members in the university, I was was given the task to host the said event. I really enjoyed presenting those gorgeous ladies and gentlemen together with my co-host, the ever dynamic Engr. Benii Noriega.

I’ve been hosting pageants for like years now, even when I was in college. And I guess so far, this is one of the most challenging. I have to maintain my energy and poise for six hours. Imagine the 24 candidates in several competitions like Uniform, Casual, Swimwear, Formal wear, plus interviews and preparation. All these took us long hours of standing, smiling and adlibs.

Though pageants are a bit tiring, the feeling after hosting such event is certainly rewarding.

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Batangas Bloggers Grand Eyeball at SM City Lipa

Batangas Bloggers Grand EyeBallHosting an event alone could be quite challenging. Of course, there would be no one to talk to except for the audience. Adlibs would also be hard for there would be no one who could share and talk something about an idea. There will also be no time for pausing and thinking, because this ONE host is the only one who would fill the dead air.

This is what I have experienced during the Batangas Bloggers Grand EyeBall at SM City Lipa. All alone, I did the entire introduction, raffle, and all the “off the cuffs”. It was a great experience though. I was able to fish out all my hosting and entertaining skills during this event.

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Search for Mr. & Ms. BSU (Lipa Campus) 2009

Mr. and Ms. BSu 2009Beauty contest or beauty pageant is not just a competition based mainly, on the physical beauty. It is also a contest of personality, talent and intelligence. This is why I love hosting beauty pageants. I get to see closely the beauty of contestants, their confidence, personality, talents and wit.

And speaking of beauty contest, I, once again, was tasked to host the 2009 Search for Mr. and Ms. BSU Lipa Campus last August 27. This time, I had Mr. Benedict Medina as a co-emcee.

Among the pageants that I have witnessed in the province, I consider this one as the most organized. The director truly did a great job in organizing the event. He made it easy for us Emcees to just present and introduce contestants and all the people involved in the program. The pageant did not take that long. As I could remember, we started at exactly 7pm and had the contest done by 10:30. There were no sudden changes, presentors were all present, contestants together with their stylists encountered no problem. Everything just happened as planned.

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