Jennifer Aniston sports her new angular bob haircut

Have you ever wondered why Jennifer Aniston always, always makes it to the headlines under fashion and style categories everytime she gets a new hairstyle? I do.

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife just had her hair cut and then suddenly, women all over the world tried searching for a photo of Jen and her new hairstyle. She had quite a major haircut when she decided to chop off more than half the length of her previous beachy layered locks and got herself an angular bob.

I know I promised to had my hair trimmed every month but due to my busy schedule and the agony of waiting for my hair to grow longer as fast as it can, the monthly trimming got a cross mark from my monthly calendar.

Back to Jen and her angular bob. I’m a fan of long beach waves and whenever Jen sports that ‘do, she’s just so effortlessly gorgeous. The angular bob makes her look a bit ‘guarded’, at least for me.

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Jennifer Aniston new haircut photo