Search for Mr. & Ms. BSU (Lipa Campus) 2009

Mr. and Ms. BSu 2009Beauty contest or beauty pageant is not just a competition based mainly, on the physical beauty. It is also a contest of personality, talent and intelligence. This is why I love hosting beauty pageants. I get to see closely the beauty of contestants, their confidence, personality, talents and wit.

And speaking of beauty contest, I, once again, was tasked to host the 2009 Search for Mr. and Ms. BSU Lipa Campus last August 27. This time, I had Mr. Benedict Medina as a co-emcee.

Among the pageants that I have witnessed in the province, I consider this one as the most organized. The director truly did a great job in organizing the event. He made it easy for us Emcees to just present and introduce contestants and all the people involved in the program. The pageant did not take that long. As I could remember, we started at exactly 7pm and had the contest done by 10:30. There were no sudden changes, presentors were all present, contestants together with their stylists encountered no problem. Everything just happened as planned.

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