How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Gown for Your Body Shape

On your wedding day, all eyes are focused on the most beautiful woman on the event and that should be, YOU. Of course, every bride deserves the spotlight on her very special day. And this could be possible if the bride looks fabulous on her wedding gown.

So how do you choose a wedding gown that fits just right and makes you ten times prettier? Find out the wedding gown style that suits your body type.

For the Petite Bride

A-line wedding dress suits the body of a petite bride. Full skirt must be avoided because it gives an appearance of a heavy bottom, giving you an unproportioned body figure. Most petite women are not well-endowed so to avoid some body parts to say hello to the world, a wedding gown with cap sleeves is perfect for petite brides to hold the gown in place.

A-line, cap sleeve

For Full-Busted Bride

To draw attention away from your chest (if you are too conscious of the attention), an off-shoulder wedding gown is recommended as it focuses the attention upward to your shoulders. As much as possible, avoid full skirt as it would make you look heavy both on top and at the bottom, so a narrow skirt would be a better choice. A corset top shapes your upper body, flattering your full bust.

off shoulder wedding gown

For Bottom-Heavy Bride

An A-line wedding gown is also perfect for this body type. To draw attention away from your hips, choose a wedding dress that will enhance your upper body parts – those that will show off your arms, back, and bustline. A full skirt also hides big hips and buttocks.

backless a-line wedding dress

For the Hourglass Figure

Choose a wedding dress that accentuates the waist. A ball gown with a corset bodice will make you stand out.

corset bodice and ball skirt

For Plus-Sized Brides

An A-line skirt lengthens the whole body, giving you a slimmer appearance. To hide your waist and hips, an empire cut wedding dress is the best option. Showing some skin could make you appear slimmer so flaunt your arms and or choose a neckline that will show off your sexy bustline.

wedding gown with deep v-neckline

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