Tips on Applying Make Ups for Brides

On your wedding day, you definitely want to look perfect. Not only will all eyes be on you during the ceremony and after, there are also wedding pictures to worry about. So you would really want to have the best make up to be applied on your face. Before people will speculate on your wedding gowns, shoes and all, they would certainly look at you first with all your make up on. So here’s some tips that we could share our MUAs during the make up session or the wedding preparation. Remember, you make-up has to last through hours of tears, kisses, dancing, champagne drinking, and more.

  • A good way to ensure make-up stays put is to use both cream and powder versions of everything.
  • Spend time applying foundation. If you have an oily skin, always look for an oil-free foundation or one that says ‘non-comedogenic’ on the label.
  • For maximum staying power and glamour, go with a liquid liner, dot liquid liner between your lashes and smudge with a small brush to blend—the technique adds definition without hardness—’then cover liner with a matching powder eye shadow to set the look.
  • To keep the eyebrows up and up, once you’ve added color, comb your brows into place with a clear eyebrow gel or mascara-style brush spritzed with hair spray.
  • Eye shadow colours must suit the skin colour, so daring colours like blue and green must not be used for bride make ups. They tend to give a weird look to the face.
  • If you’ve applied liquid or cream foundation, start with a cream blush, dusting it with translucent powder, then brush on a powder blush.
  • To look naturally flushed—not clownish—choose a blush that’s the color of your chest, palms, or fingertips.
  • Smoothen a bit of foundation on the edges of the lips before adding any color, which also prevents feathering around fine lines.
  • Line and fill in your lips with pencil. Brush on your lipstick and blot with tissue, then reapply
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  • Avoid wearing bright lip colors as they smudge the most. Some reds, for example, bleed a lot more than soft peaches and pinks. It’s just the pigment formulation.

And lastly, feel good. This is your day so take all those worries away!

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