Gerald Anderson Mall Show, SM City Batangas

It was July 21, 2010 when I was tasked to host Gerald Anderson’s mall show at SM City Batangas. Who am I to miss this?

I must admit this is one great gig I would forever be grateful for. It was my first hosting gig at SM City Batangas and having one of the country’s most coveted actors with me was one elating experience. When I first went on stage, as Gerald prepares for the show back stage, camera flashes welcomed me. Hey, I’m no celebrity!


I was thinking maybe they thought I’m from ABS-CBN (Gerald’s mother network) or something. Haha! But Gerald’s fans were all nice they patiently waited for him until the clock tick in time for his appearance.


Geez, sharing the stage with now hunky Gerald Anderson wasn’t an easy task as I tried my best to hide how kilig I am to stand beside him and talk to him and look into his eyes and endure all those shrieking of his fans. Whew!

A lot of girls (even guys) were teasing me for being so lucky to host the show. Comments rushed in my Facebook account when I uploaded the photos of the show. Gerald Anderson, check. Okay, who’s next? 🙂

Kim Chiu Mall Show, SM City Batangas

Equipped with my DSLR and laptop, I was ready to cover Kim Chiu’s mall show (for a usual WOWBatangas task) one Sunday afternoon. I arrived early then so I decided to watch a movie before the 5pm event coverage. But even before reaching the story’s climax, I received this message from Ms. Lina, the then Marketing Officer: “Hey, Gerlie do you know someone who could host Kim Chiu mall show later at 5pm?” Because it’s already 4pm, i replied: “I know some friends in Lipa who could do the job perfectly but they’ll be late for its already 4. If you’ll find no one who could do the hosting later, well i guess i can do it.”

And so, look at the photo and guess what happened next… Aha, I hosted the event!

kim chiu