Jhoenald and Gemma

Gemma and Jhoenald’s wedding was the simplest yet the most touching for me. I could feel their love for each other as they exchange their vows and even after the wedding ceremony.

The couple had their reception at the bride’s place. The celebration was simple. We had the usual wedding program – the wedding tradition, some games, speeches and couple’s first dance. It was easy for me to host the event for i had a chance to bond with Gemma and Jhoenald at BlueRoze months before the wedding.

So where’s the touching part? Well, it was after the celebration when I saw Gemma and Jhoenald bursting in tears as they bid good bye to Gemma’s parents and relatives. Couldn’t help but cry for everyone there was taking their hankies out, wiping their tears and hugging the couple. Oh such a lovely and touching scene. Priceless.