Jhoenald and Gemma

Gemma and Jhoenald’s wedding was the simplest yet the most touching for me. I could feel their love for each other as they exchange their vows and even after the wedding ceremony.

The couple had their reception at the bride’s place. The celebration was simple. We had the usual wedding program – the wedding tradition, some games, speeches and couple’s first dance. It was easy for me to host the event for i had a chance to bond with Gemma and Jhoenald at BlueRoze months before the wedding.

So where’s the touching part? Well, it was after the celebration when I saw Gemma and Jhoenald bursting in tears as they bid good bye to Gemma’s parents and relatives. Couldn’t help but cry for everyone there was taking their hankies out, wiping their tears and hugging the couple. Oh such a lovely and touching scene. Priceless.



DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

Are you thinking of wedding favors? There are lots of unique wedding favors to choose from but if you are conscious of your budget, you can have exciting wedding favors that are cheap and could really be creative.

Make your wedding favor match your personality. Here are some ideas I’ve collated from various wedding favor ideas I’ve learned of.

Eat and Be Married

If you want to give away edible wedding favors, I’m sure you won’t run out of ideas (but don’t forget to consider the shelf life). The next thing to think of is the packaging. How are you going to present your edible wedding favor? This is where you can use your creativity even if you’re on a tight budget.

You can put your wedding favor munchies in hand-painted boxes, loot bags, personalized jars or bottles. Be creative. There are countless ways to do so. These packages may include home-made chocolates, home-baked cookies, personalized candies or bubblegum, etc. For something that’s sweet and could last for years, have a personalized honey jar.

For Art’s Sake

This is really for hands-on brides who could spend a lot of time for her DIY wedding favor. Anything that can be painted, sewed, or sketched onto, will do as long as you let you and your groom’s personality reflected on your wedding favor. There are many crafts to use for these kinds of wedding favors and the best thing about it is you can decide how it would look like according to your taste.

One with Love, One with Nature

If you and your groom are more of the naturalist kind of couple, you can choose from seed packets, saplings, or bonsai. The trick would be on your packaging. Just like for the edible wedding favors, you can present these favors in a creative and unique way.

You can paint your seed packets or for a more personalized packaging, you can do the packet as you wish. For saplings, you can also paint the small pots you are using or glam it up by sticking rhine stones, metallic ribbons, beads, etc.

Watch out for more wedding favor ideas and videos on DIY wedding favors and invitations soon!

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On choosing wedding invitations

wedding-invitation-ideasOne of the most important parts of the wedding preparation is choosing wedding invitations. Of course, this will serve as your official wedding announcement and at the same time, wedding memorabilia! Thus, choosing the right wedding invitation is definitely necessary.

Firstly, your wedding invitation should be based on the theme. The colors of the invitation should be well matched to the theme of your choice. The guest can easily have an idea of the theme of your wedding by merely looking at the invitations. Also, these well-thought invitations will also give your guests an idea of the gifts to buy and the clothes to wear on your big day.

There are so many invitations that you can now choose from, there are invitations like message in a bottle, photograph, DVD, scroll, fan and a whole lot more. You may also check on invitations that we will be personally designing here at GIRLYANA.com soon. (I am really excited about this!)

Meanwhile, sending out your wedding invitations should be done not earlier than a month before the wedding and not later than two weeks before the wedding. Sending invitations too early could make people forget your wedding day (remember the law of recency!) and sending them out too late could cause conflicts with your guests’ schedules.

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