Things to Do Two Weeks Before the Wedding

It’s two weeks before your wedding day and about 80% of the wedding preparation should have been done by this time. Before your nerves get you into trouble, keep this checklist with you so you could have a rundown of what else you have to do two weeks before your grandest day.

1. Finalize guest list. Contact guests who haven’t made their confirmation yet.
2. Inform the caterers of the final number of guests.
3. Prepare the seating chart and everything else needed for the reception.
4. Don’t forget the place cards. If you have time, you can write it yourself.
5. Pick up your wedding dress.
6. Fit your shoes and walk it around for 10-15 minutes and see if they comfortably fit. You can’t afford to hurt your feet on the big day itself.
7. Call on the wedding party and tell them to fit their dresses.
8. If a transport is provided for the guests, let them know the pick-up and drop-off points and the time as well.
9. Have your bridal photo taken.
10. Have a full wedding rehearsal.

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